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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tony Blair ... Any chance for success?

Arabs doubted former British Prime Minister Tony Blair could succeed as Middle East peace envoy because of his unpopularity and because he is too close to Israel and the United States.

Blair had little credibility in the Middle East because he took part in the invasion of Iraq, opposed a ceasefire in Lebanon last year and failed to follow up on many promises to tackle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Quartet - the US, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations - appointed Blair on Wednesday, the day he stepped down after 10 years as British prime minister.

The choice of Blair was seen in the Middle East as a present from US President George W Bush for his years of support for Bush's policies in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Even Blair has no confidence from his own people. He was forced to resignation as the British people got fed up from his Americanised behaviour and his countless lies to the British public.

Blair .. No one believes you now except G W Bush and the Israelis. How can you take an unbiased role with these facts? You better retire early and fake your memoires just like your faked evidences of Weapons of Mass Destruction to invade Iraq.

And the "cash-for-honours" allegations? ... say no more.