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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Goree Island - Senegal

Goree Island is 20 minutes away by ferry from Dakar, the capital of Senegal. It was used as the center for collecting the slaves for shipment to Europe and America for more than 400 years. Over 20 million slaves were caught and shipped. In harsh and inhumane conditions, 5 millions died.

The slave male must be over 60 kg in weight. If less, he will be fed beans until he reaches the weight and shipped. The slave house in Goree has different cells. The slaves are classified; males, females, children, and mutinists.

All cells eventually lead to an opening where the slaves are pushed into the ships. Standing at this opening, I have felt the suffering and brutality these people have suffered in leaving their lands and freedom into the dark future.

African Americans cry when they visit this place. In the picture, you will see me in the cell of the mutinists. A cell of height of 1 meter to force the mutinists to sit. Cells were cramped. A cell of 3x3 meters will have 50 people standing against each other.

The physical slavery age ended. Have we another form of slavery in the Economic and Political sense?