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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Alitalia .....

They say that if you travel on Burundi airlines, you will almost always hear the Captain announcing :" Ladies and gentlemen... We have just landed near the runway".

On my recent travel on Alitalia, I approached the counter at Malpensa airport (Milan). The Alitalia staff greeted me with a refreshing reassuring smile and announced :" Ladies and gentlemen ..... I am pleased to announce that we are on strike .... therefore, the flight is cancelled".

What a sudden shock.

Now this is the lesson I have learnt. If Alitalia staff are not working, it is because they are on strike. If the Alitalia staff are working, then they will be on strike very soon.

What does Aliatalia stands for: "Always late in travel, always late in arrival". Poor service with distinction.