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Friday, May 22, 2009

Palestine 1948-2009

Translation of Haroun Hashem Rashid poem in commemoration of occupied Palestine. Sang later by Fairouz:

We shall return

We shall return one day to our village
and drown in the warmth of hope
We shall return though time passes by
and distances grow between us.
O heart do not drop wearied
on the path of our return
How it wounds our pride that birds
will return tomorrow while we are still here.

There are hills over there
sleeping and waking on our pledge
and people who are the love,their days comprised
of silent waiting and nostalgic songs
Places filled with willows as far as the eyes can see,
willows tired and bent over the water
while afternoons in their shade
drink the smell of silence and purity of happiness.

We shall return,the nightingale told me
when we met on a hill,
that nightingales are still there,
living on our dreams
and that among the hills of yearnings
and the yearning people is a place for us
O heart how often has the wind scattered us
Come along, we shall return, let us go.