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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Source of the Nile at Jinja

This is one the unique places which I was pleased to visit. It is station 0+00 of the start of the Nile from Lake Victoria in Uganda. The start is fixed as an iron bench mark insertd into the concrete block seen in the right hand side photo.

The water begins to flow from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea. It takes water 3 months to complete this journey of 6400 Km.

The falls that John Speke saw in 1862, naming them the “Rippon Falls” after the President of the Royal Geographic Society in London, submerged in 1947 on the construction of the Giant Owen Falls Dam. The dam was completed in 1954, harnesses the head long rush of water from the lake to produce hydro electric power of Uganda.

“Omugga Kiyira” is the local name for River Nile.

On the western bank of the river is an obelisk marking the spot where Speke stood for hours when he saw the source of the River Nile, making it known to the outside world.