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The Space has always been my greatest fascination. The endless dimension where you can let your soul float and your mind wonder about this great secret. This site is for my personal general interests and not limited to Space. The name is a tribute to the wonders of Space. Izzat Sajdi

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fine Arts

I have a passion for fine arts; in particular Water, Oil and Pastel paintings. A good saying that I read and fondly remember :"If you look at a glass mirror, you see your face. If you look at a painting, you see your soul". Isn't that lovely?

Well, I love fine arts. You will see me attending all art exhibitions in Jordan. While abroad, my outside working hours program is predictable. I would look for local art; in galleries, on street pavements, and under the roofs of the down town shops and houses.

Although I am not an artist myself, I appreciate fine arts. I did not understand how appreciation of fine arts could exist within a non artist. My good friend, the talented pioneer Iraqi Artist Saadi Kaabi, gave me a simple answer. He said that a person would enjoy and appreciate Music but it is not necessary that he should be a Musician. Likewise is the case of Art.

This did not prevent me every now and then from rolling up my sleeves and paint. This painting on this post is of my own making.