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Friday, August 3, 2007

Arab Universities .... What a disgrace!

The Academic ranking of the top 500 World Universities for 2007 is published. Only one Arab University found a place within the top 500 World Universities. What a disgrace!

The University of Cairo was ranked 428. Is that it? One University at 428?

This is a serious evidance of the Quality of education in the Arab World. Not all Arab countries are rich, but how could'nt the rich government resources of some countries and the very high fees assist in creating a proper high quality education?

For the complete report, lists and criteria of selection, go to http://ed.sjtu.edu.cn/rank/2007/ranking2007.htm

It is needless to say that our future is highly dependent on very good educational system. That is if we wish to be in the forefront with other countries. Unless a serious attempt is made to improve on the criteria mentioned, improve the poor curriculum and substantialy increase the shockingly low Research and Development budgets, Arab Universities would remain lowest in these lists.